A notation on the concept of Passing®

It’s a very much discussed topic: just how “passing®” am I really? (The “I” in question being any specific non-binary individual with the question in their mind.) It pops up as a footnote in my psyche quite a bit.  I have made the arduous efforts of passing as an amab nb, and some of that shit gets tedious.  Like the need to eliminate the facial hair (which isn’t necessary at all) or the fucking tucking (which ALSO isn’t necessary either), these are the things I have and attempted to do.  There is a certain pain in the need to pass® that just makes the effort all the more uncomfortable.  I cannot begin to go through the motions of the afab or the intersex nb individual, so I will not presume to do so; for the sake of all, I will make this as inclusive as a flawed person can.  We, as people under the Trans™ umbrella, face the society’s pressure to pass as one way or another.  I feel this quite the binarist view on the forefront, and we are anything but binary.  There are times where I want to emphasize my more feminine qualities in existence and other times where I wouldn’t necessary say I’m highlighting masculine features, but I am just performing myself as I wish to be.

Passing® is not at all a requirement to be either Trans™   or Non-Binary.

Not at all.

Not even a little bit.

If one physically has trouble tucking or cannot tuck due to medical reasons or the lack of want, then they do not have to.  If one cannot bind because the air cannot pass into their lungs and their ribs can buckle, then they do not have to either.  Shaving is optional as well.  ANY method that a Trans™  individual may use to pass as one form or another is NOT A REQUIREMENT.
Sometimes, even I have trouble wearing the cutest skirt I own when I have no compression on my crotch (not meaning to tmi here), but this is likely because of my fear of the general society viewing me as something to be loathed and made fun of.  Many others of us are likely to have this fear.

This is okay.

We must do what we feel is comfortable and only veer off the comfort zones if we give ourselves the REQUIRED CONSENT to do so.

You may Pass® if you want to.

You may just do nothing at all.

You are still valid.

This is the notation on the concept of Passing®.

Take that how you will.

-Vynne, the Enraged Enby