Killing the Name

Okay so this isn’t like some high and mighty all drastic like article or rant or any of the sort; I’m just talking about something that may or may not be near and dear to enby hearts the world over: killing ones name.  To kill a name is to stop using it in preference to a new one; the old name is thus dead.  You killed it.  It’s a dead name, hence the very repetitive term “dead-name”.  Dead-names explicitly refer to the birth name of an individual, and these are the names we are taking to the slaughter so to speak.  Killing the birth name seems to be a sort of right of passage amongst the “Binary” Trans™ crowd.  What do you do when you are a Non-Binary Trans™ individual?  That’s what I’m getting on about here.

As some of you splendiferous peoples likely surmised, Violet is not my birth-name.  No, mother mine would not have named any of her children, even the cisgender daughter, such a moniker.  Does this mean my birth-name (not mentioned for privacy’s sake) is dead?

Not in the explicit sense, nor does it even have to be.

The birth-name in question is still alive as fuck, more because it has uses in my school and my social inability to kill it near my family.  Does this make me any less of a Trans™ individual because I can’t kill my name right now?


Still Trans.

So are you, if you just happen to be Trans™ and haven’t bothered to kill your name.  I mean, you can kill your name if you want.  That’s fine too.

Will one such as yourself, random Trans™ person, be ostracized for not killing your name?

That I’m not sure of, since few people know my True Name (even if it remains to be Violet–you can change them, that’s allowed.  We’ll talk about that later.).  Regardless, it shouldn’t matter what others think.  I know that’s a lofty claim since humans are such impressionable creatures and are heavily influenced by exterior forces.  No pressure, am I right?

Do not doubt your “Transliness” if your birth name is still the one to go by.  If there is anything you can take away from this diatribe, let that be it.  Validation is one step closer to appreciation after all.

Go forth and conquer.

-Vynne, the Enraged Enby