Friends? What Friends?

Sometimes it can feel difficult when making friends and socializing, especially for a non-binary individual. I personally wouldn’t even think to broach the topic if I weren’t actually at a social event right now feeling so out of place with my colleagues.

Here I am on my phone typing this out.

What a fucking looooooser.

Anyways, it can be avoidable looking like a “loser” and being the sore thumb in the crowd.  Be yourself is sometimes not the best advice depending upon the social climate you may be exposed to. Also, socialization for people with social disorders can be almost impossible but doable.

If I were to give any iota of advice, which is ill-advised of me, it would be to seek out people with common interests and talk with them.

They don’t have to be nb, but if you feel that would help the process, seek out an nb buddy.

For those that feel socialization too much,  confer with the one-true-friend© and seek counsel.  If you don’t have a one-true-friend©, then maybe confer with yourself on this matter on how you’d acquire one.  I myself do this when nobody can or will listen.  It’s as normal as the world is blue.

If you think this is shitty advice, then go right ahead.  I’m terrible at the friend-making process.  Why are you asking me?  If you also seek an nb buddy, it’s not hard to find my personal blog.

Be well and safe,

Vynne, the Enraged Enby