never giving up a ghost: reviving a blog

i am never good at keeping up with things.

i would be the kind of person that’d forget homework because i lost it and never felt like doing it, all the while still passing the class.  school was not my forte nor my fifty.  it just was.

so many things happened in the 2016 hell year Spectacular, so many bad things i do not like thinking about.  ’twas not a good year for me or anyone in general.

i thought about updating on 6/12, i really did.  the sheer weight of tragedy sort of overwhelmed me.

then the cheeto man rose to power.  also inexplicably overwhelming.

i went to that march in dc about that not too long ago.  the most overwhelming.  most folks i ever done did see in my life i tell you what.

besides all that, i gave this blog an oggleglance and decided that it still has a purpose.  non-binary folks aren’t getting much attention in any sort of media.  i’d like to change that.

so, almost a year after the last post-valentine’s day 2016-i am doing a return.

hello again.

it’s been a bit.

-Vynne, the Enraged Enby


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