I don’t like binarist language

I don’t like binarist language.

“Well, no shit,” one would say, “you’re outside a binary.”

But no.


You wanna know why?  Well OF COURSE you wanna know why.

It’s like imposing some sort of electric wire fence around a concept in order to confine and oppress people.  That’s kinda like it but the electricity is really weak but over time it just keeps shocking and shocking and I get more and more annoyed.

As you can tell, I am rambling; I REALLY fucking dislike binarist language.

I’ve just been very attuned to it today (using he or she to denote a group of people or saying “opposite sex”)  Now some of you are gonna say “Okay you silly NB, sex IS a binary!”

Haha nope.  Intersex individuals are a thing.  As the most civil of debaters say: get wrecked.

So binarist language is a way one can casually oppress a sizable amount of the population (1-2% of 7,000,000,000 is still a lot of people!).  Oppression is what I like to call a “do not do”.



It’s been a long yet short day.

One of the reasons this miffs me so much is because it’s so ingrained in the societal psyche, and that makes me disappointed in life in general.  Few beings make even a passive effort to curb the subtly oppressive binarist language so pervasive in our lives.  We need to do better.

We need to nip the buds before they grow into poisonous flowers of despair.  Switch to neutral and all-inclusive language.  It’s not hard.  It’s that one weird trick that makes bigots hate you, but you’ll feel so much better about the world!

I try to not call it ‘political correctness’; I prefer the phrase ‘kindness’.  It’s really not going to kill you to change the hes and the shes to theys and to quit saying opposite and golly why do we still do this?

Do better.

-Vynne, the (actually) Enraged Enby.


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